Couples Therapy


Help Couples to Thrive - Not just Survive!

I am marriage and family therapist that provides exceptional Couples counseling, Marriage counseling services in San Diego to those who are struggling in their relationship. Couples come seek treatment for several reasons: Communications issues, infidelity, considering divorce, sexual concerns, loss of attraction. When these things happen it becomes challenging for the couple to function and to life harmoniously.

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Couples therapy does not have to be a final effort to make the relationship work. People overlook red flags and will often wait until the issues get worse. If this happens it becomes problematic for the couple and creates a strain on the relationship. However, it is never too late for couple’s counseling. I advise couples to seek Couples counseling in San Diego before they reach their "breaking" point of a relationship. Not only will it save you plenty of heartache, you will have an easier time fixing and reestablishing your bond.

If you are struggling in your relationship, please give us a call so that we provide you effective Couples counseling or Marriage counseling services in San Diego.